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1925 PubHouse

Our story

Introducing the Extraordinary Journey of 1925 PubHouse!

In the midst of the challenging summer of 2020, when the world sought comfort and connection, 1925 PubHouse emerged as a beacon of hope and culinary delight. With a collective experience of 90 years in the restaurant industry, our passionate leadership team believed in delivering a casual dining experience that felt like home, complemented by a delightful mostly scratch menu.

As the world sheltered indoors in the Spring of 2020, the 1925 PubHouse team harnessed their creative energy, diligently crafting exceptional products and seamless systems while building the heart and soul of their restaurant in Anderson, IN.

The vision was clear – to bring people together with fantastic food and exceptional service, whether dining in, taking out, or enjoying our delightful delivery options. The 1925 PubHouse Concept was born, and it instantly resonated with our beloved patrons.

The overwhelming success led to the blossoming of our second location in the vibrant town of Muncie, IN, in 2022, spreading the warmth of our concept to even more food enthusiasts and creating lasting memories for all who walk through our doors.

Meet the Original 1925 PubHouse Leadership Team, the heart and soul behind our culinary haven: Ben Morgan, Dori Morgan, Tyler Morgan, Chef Kevin Collins, and Cristine Collins. Together, they pour their passion into every dish, ensuring that every guest experiences a culinary journey like no other.

At 1925 PubHouse, we believe in the magic of great food, warm hospitality, and the joy of shared moments. Come, experience the extraordinary, and be part of our story!


In 2022 we were nominated in 17 categories for Best of Madison County, a finalist in 12 categories and won 6 Best of Madison County Awards!

We proudly accepted the 2022 award for Best Steak in Madison County, a highly coveted accolade with stiff competition! Additionally, we won Best Sit-Down Restaurant, Bet Place To Take A Date and Best Dessert. Congratulations to 1925 PubHouse's Layne Carpenter on her title of Best Server and Best Bartender in Madison County!

The History of 1925 Pubhouse Anderson


The Grandview Public Golf Course in Anderson, Indiana was completed in 1925 and our facility that now houses our restaurant was completed in 1927. In June of 2020, 1925 PubHouse was born. Our history goes beyond just our name. Prior to our opening in August of 2020, we met with Stephen Jackson, Madison County Historian. We learned that in the years after Grandview Golf Course opened, the Anderson Business and Professional Women's Club sponsored a luncheon to celebrate a new airfield build on the southside of Anderson. The guest list included internationally recognized individuals including Amelia Earhart, Weir Cook, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Anthony Fokker and Major Reed Landis. The future president of General Motors Corporation and United States Secretary of Defense, Charles E. Wilson was in attendance as a dignitary. We proudly feature a picture of Amelia Earhart in our dining room, taken at our location on Grandview Golf Course. We also feature specialty cocktails fondly named Amelia Earhart or the Rickenbacker Smash. The next time you are in town, be sure to stop by and experience the history of 1925 PubHouse!

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